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Possible Remedies

Gasket Badly Corroded

Select replacement material with improved

corrosion resistance.

Gasket Extruded Excessively

Select replacement material with better cold flow properties, Select replacement material with better load carrying capacity-I .e.  , more dense.

Gasket Grossly Crushed

Select replacement material with better load carrying capacity, provide means to prevent crushing the gasket by use of a stop ring or re-design of flanges.

Gasket mechanically damaged due to overhang of raised face or flange bore.

Review gasket dimensions to insure gasket are proper size. Make certain gasket are properly centered in joint.

No apparent gasket compression achieved

Select softer gasket material .select thicker gasket material. Reduce gasket area to allow higher unit seating load.

Gasket Substantially thinner O.D. than I.D.

Indicative of excessive "flange rotation" or bending. Alter gasket dimensions to move gasket reaction closer to bolts to minimize bending movement .provide stiffness to flange by means of back-up rings. Select soft gasket material to lower required seating stresses, Reduce gasket area to lower seating stresses.

Gasket Unevenly compressed around circumference

Improper bolting up procedures followed .Make certain proper sequential bolt up procedures are followed

Gasket  thickness varies periodically around circumference

Indicative of "flange bridging" between bolts or warped flanges .Provide reinforcing ring for flanges to better distribute bolt load. Select gasket material with lower seating stress .Provide additional bolt if possible to obtain better load distribution. If possible to obtain better load distribution .If flanges are warped, re-machined or use softer material.